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Africa boasts of few romantic destinations as Uganda. A honeymoon vacation to Uganda is
characterized with boundless blue skies that curve down to golden savanna plains and join the
sky in the far distant sight, framed by distant jagged mountains marching away in shades of dark
colours. Uganda awakens your soul with the scent of the wild, the smell of rain on dusty
compounds, the adrenaline pump into your veins when you meet the forest giant gorillas and a
meal in the centre of wildlife drama. The days in are deliciously hot and the nights comfortably
providing a cool breeze. Uganda’s hospitality is warm and sincere, and when it comes to fine
dining or lavish luxury, a leading safari lodge is hard to beat for a romantic safari stay.
If you and your travel partner are looking for a setting steeped in adventure and romance, an
unforgettable honeymoon safari, or a last jaunt before you cross over into the realm of family
travellers, look no further. Here we can—with your guidance—craft a private exclusive romantic
tour in yours and your partner’s own style of travel. An experience that will never leave you.

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