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Why you should do Batwa Experience while in Bwindi?

Batwa elsewhere referred to as the pygmies are the Indigenous forest people who resided in the Bwindi and Mgahinga rainforests for centuries until 1991 when they were removed from the forest for purposes of Conservation of mountain Gorillas. However Batwa were not compensated for for their losses which is why adapting to the new wage society that they were now introduced to is still an ongoing challenge. Living as squatters on the edges of the society in the first place until recently when Non-profits came up and started resettling and empowering the left unsettled Batwa. Batwa's situation has not changed much but at least progress is being registered and thanks for the efforts put in by selfless people that work towards their empowerment. Batwa have since been regarded by many as the forest refugees thus a visit to track mountain gorillas is worthwhile when combined with a visit to the Batwa Village.

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